New Girl On The Block

Is a mentorship program, but way sicker than your average. It is a go-to resource for millennial women to receive assistance with life planning, career strategies, personal brand development and style advice. With unique teaching methods and a curriculum designed to educate, entertain and inspire women in transition, New Girl On The Block effortlessly converts shy girls into fly girls.


Every girl in the world already has the tools she needs to succeed. Our primary focus is to ignite that inner power and lead a generation of women to maximize their vision and live their fullest lives. We build the self-esteem of our young women by changing their outlook on life, broadening their horizons and providing tools for self-empowerment.

With a roster full of potential, New Girl on the Block has successfully mentored more than 150 women in 6 countries by providing them with the strategies and resources to aid them in excellence. We help tackle Gen Y’s biggest challenges and equip every mentee with innovative solutions to get them ahead in life – including, providing access to top-notch web designers and photographers, creative direction, photo shoot imaging, content tailored to their brand voice and so much more.

Our Vision:

New Girl on the Block’s goal is to become an internationally recognized mentorship program and an agent of change to empower young women to lead, serve and aspire for more than their current limitations.




Co-Founder + Millennial Mentor

Quote to live by:

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, spend time creating a life you don’t need to escape from.” – Seth Godin

My Story:

Forget about fitting in – I have. As a survivor of teen bullying, abuse and mental illness, I believe that my scars are symbols of my strength. I spent so many years doing what other people wanted me to do and living constrained within the box of what people wanted me to be. I had no voice and didn’t believe in my dreams. But today, I stand strong as a woman who no longer cares to be “normal”. I’ve designed a life for myself that defies mediocrity. There are levels to this thing called life, and I am constantly striving for new heights.

I’m a multi-passionate millennial entrepreneur who has excelled as a multi-business owner. I’ve made a name for myself across the country, crafting an empire built on my core principles, which is to: help young women forge their own paths and proceed without permission.

A big dreamer since childhood, I continue to fight for everything that I
love. I live in a world of yes and will not stop until each item is crossed off of my
bucket list.

My Mission:

It is my belief that I have made it through all of my trials and tribulations because I have a mission to fulfill. It is to serve and protect young adults who are struggling to find beauty in a world of chaos and to help provide them with vision when they cannot see potential in themselves.


My Street Cred:

  • Co-Founder, New Girl on the Block
  • Founder, The WritersBlok
  • Forbes Contributor 
  • 2x Author (purchase here)
  • Public Speaker & Advocate, Anti-bullying + Mental Health
  • Mentored over 150 women in 9 countries
  • Over 100 LinkedIn recommendations endorsing my work
  • Featured in ESSENCE, Flare, Her Agenda, Huffington Post, Global News and more
  • Media Darling who is a regularly featured expert on national television platforms
  • College drop out

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