“Who’s Your Hero, Boss Babe?” Founder of Studio Chantaé, Chantaé Candize

MEET: Chantaé Candize CAREER: Founder and Content Director SHE SAYS: I am Ingrid’s Daughter. My hero hails from the immaculately beautiful, rich and lively island of Jamaica. At the age of 24, my mother moved to Canada to pursue a new life and 4 years later, I was...
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First Year Out: A Progress Report

Nothing I’ve experienced yet can match the exhilaration I felt while walking across the stage to accept my Bachelor’s Degree. My decision to forego my sight for beauty caused everything to be a blur, except for the red folder waiting for me at the other...
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“Who’s Your Hero, Boss Babe?” Blogger, Chenelle Lewis

MEET: Chenelle Lewis CAREER: Blogger SHE SAYS: To Others She Is Connie But I Am Blessed To Call Her Mom My mother is the brightest shining light in my life. As I sit here writing this I can hear her laughing in the other room and it is like music to my ears. Her...
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