3 Reasons Why Self- Empowerment in Modern Relationships Is Important

3 Reasons Why Self- Empowerment in Modern Relationships Is Important

In the past few years, the dating world has shifted significantly with the evolution of technology and society. People often meet and get to know one another online, making the progression of relationships is more fluid than ever. No two relationships have the same storyline, but most modern couples, i see, tend to be embracing individuality to strengthen trust and the bond with their partners. Self-empowerment is important for the wellbeing of modern relationships because knowing yourself better than anyone else, allows you to identify what you do and do not want out of a relationship. Taking the time to know yourself and what you are looking for will make you feel confident and ready to build a meaningful relationship with someone else. To celebrate this new wave of relationship styles, we’ve compiled a few ways that showcase how crucial self-empowerment is in modern relationships.

1. Embrace Being Single

  • One thing that modern individuals are celebrating these days is self-love and embracing the single life. While older generations held the notion that marriage was the ultimate goal, young people nowadays have other accomplishments they’re focusing on in their twenties and thirties. From professional to personal goals, people of newer generations realize there is great power in making themselves happy and fulfilling whatever goals drive them. Some individuals are now utilizing their time as singles to set a list of “deal breakers” in preparation for prospective relationships down the line. These deal breakers serve as a list of core values that must exist in a partner in order to make the relationship worth it. These individuals argue that loving themselves first and fulfilling their personal goals will allow them to be better partners once they do enter a relationship.

2. Share Roles & Responsibilities in Relationships

  • There’s no denying that this is the generation of distance. While it’s great that everyone prioritizes their independence, it does make open communication more important than ever before. Make your relationship stronger by starting an open dialogue about your expectations for your partner and what roles you plan to share. Directly resulting from the practice of fulfilling personal goals first, it is more common than ever for partners to contribute financially, emotionally and physically around the house. While past generations typically functioned with a wife cooking and cleaning with her husband off at work, there is now a trend of both partners contributing to housework and breadwinning equally. Following this same idea, modern couples are also making big financial decisions and purchases together at all stages of the relationship. From moving in together and splitting rent, to buying a home or starting a family, contemporary couples seem to enjoy the freedom that comes along with taking relationship steps at their own pace. The lack of societal expectations to do things in a certain order allows these couples to talk openly about their financial goals, and prioritize accordingly. But as always, communication is key and talking openly about your wants and goals can help alleviate disagreements down the line.

3. Make Big Decisions Together

  • Not only are modern couples talking about financial decisions together, but they also tend to discuss their futures more openly than past generations ever have. Every relationship and every individual is a little different, and discussing the order of events in which you want your relationship to take is crucial for your future together. There is less societal pressure directing the order of events for couples, and no order is right or wrong as long as it is what feels best to both for your relationship. Modern couples also are contributing equally to these decisions, from browsing online for engagement rings together to fully understand one another styles, to planning the wedding together to ensure it encompasses both of your personalities.

It is important to have self-empowerment in a relationship because it allows you to get in touch with your inner self and have the confidence to grow as an individual. This is not to say that you shouldn’t share the many aspects of your life with your significant other, but do keep in mind that your personal well-being is a top priority.