How to Maintain Balance in Your Life

How to Maintain Balance in Your Life

Life can be overwhelming, and your personal health will suffer without proper care and the only way to ensure wellness is to maintain balance. The importance of a balanced lifestyle prevents any illness and disease that can arise from not taking care of your mind and body.

This may be a challenge but will be beneficial in the long run. Trust me, being a student I have realized that the only way to simply get through the week, it is crucial that I take some time out of my day to chill out. It may have taken a few mental breakdowns to figure out that stressing out impacts my well-being, but it is never too late to get on track.

Imagine working hard every day and not being able to enjoy it. It’s a total tragedy to live every day only to go home and start all over again with little motivation and enthusiasm. You have the ability to undertake everything you desire you just have to organize your time.

Follow these tips and I promise you, you will be wondering what it felt like before you didn’t have balance in your life.

Relax, Refresh and Recharge

Make a commitment to have some you time. If you’re treating your body like a machine on overload then you must take out the batteries and rest. Take note of all aspects of your life work, play, relationships, etc. By simply organizing your weekly schedules using day planners you can visually see how to go about your day, and fit in a 10-15minute break.

Also, make some time to visit friends and family and enjoy the love that surrounds you. This can be done by fitting in a lunch/dinner date or even spending a fun night out.

Make Cuts

After organizing your life (which btw takes time so do not be discouraged – have a routine and stick to it), go through your weekly schedule and eliminate the non-essential activities. Ask yourself, does this benefit me? Will I need this in the long-run? Your life, your decisions.

Lights Out

I cannot stress enough how important it is to get a good nights rest. Not only will you be relaxed, but sleep is an advantage to better health. Staying up late attempting to finish something will end in nothing but a disaster because it will be rushed leaving you exhausted. Being well rested gives you more energy to get more done in a calmer manner.

Remember that you are only human and can only handle so much before crashing. Do not believe that there is a certain way of living, know that being empowering and kind will be the best thing for yourself. Treat your body well and I assure you, you will see results. Feeling beautiful makes you beautiful.

Spring Cleaning: 3 Ways to Clean Out the Negative

Spring Cleaning: 3 Ways to Clean Out the Negative

Welcome Spring 2017!

Spring is a time when the weather is getting warmer, the flowers begin to bloom and the rain washes away all the slush and dirt. The season means a fresh start and growth and is a time of celebration to welcome in the new. Spring cleaning is known world-wide, the indication to throw out the old and bring in new and trendy clothes, but instead of refining your wardrobe, positively change your attitude for a better, healthier and happier you. Throw away the self-hate, leave the negative people behind and stand up for yourself, because these toxic affairs necessarily need to be eliminated.

Inevitably, everyone has people in their lives who continuously put you down, and although, you cannot change anyone, you can ensure you, are surrounded with positivity. Change may seem scary and difficult, but that does not mean you should have to deal with something/someone who is not deserving of your time.

So, before you start removing everything from your life, re-evaluate and notice the good and the bad and make critical decisions that will positively impact your, well-being. Below, I will give you tips on how to clean out the negative and begin to bloom into the brand new season.

Get Some Fresh air: 

Any time of the year is stressful and the best way to overcome stress, is to take a break and clear your minds. Stop what you are doing and take 5 minutes out of your day to breathe in the fresh Spring air and appreciate the beauty of the earth around you. Go for a walk or sit out side, even just opening a window and letting the wind blow in, will do the trick. Also, I swear tea is God sent and cures all problems. Drink up and enjoy the day.

Get Rid of the Old: 

Whatever useless junk is consuming your life, get rid of it, now. Whether it is a bad habit or a job that constantly after all you hard work and dedication, makes you feel unappreciated, leave it behind. These things are holding you back and are preventing any opportunity for growth.

“Sometimes we get so used to “being” a certain way that we lose sight of our ability to actively get rid of the negative from our life.” – Lisabeth Saunders Medlock, Huffington Post. 


In terms of people, communication is always key to getting a better understanding about what is going on. You want to make sure you are eliminating the people who do not want the best for you, and you do not want to accidentally end a relationship with someone because of poor communication. Talk it through. Let the person know that their actions are unacceptable and you do not deserve to be treated this way. Especially if you are someone who hates the idea of losing people in your life, odds are this person is not aware how much they are hurting you and will work harder to ensure your relationship remains. However, this is not to say to always excuse their behaviour, if they are continuously apologizing for their insensitivity. If it is constantly a problem, it will always be a problem. Otherwise, communing will also let the person see your strength and courage to stand up for yourself.

Let go of the pain and anxiety of trying to make something work because in your heart you know it never will, and it is easier to leave it behind than to feel emotionally exhausted with the idea that someone/something will change. You put in your effort, and now it is time to move on.

Women’s Pampering Day

Women’s Pampering Day

On Sunday, March 19th, 2017, Rebecca Nobrega founder of Aspire to Inspire with bbnobrega organized a magnificent Women’s Pampering Day event that took place in Downtown Toronto. The day brought joy and flawlessness to a group of lovely women from a women’s shelter, who took part in getting pampered by a series of beauty experts. The event room was set up with multiple beauty booths sponsored by varies companies and businesses who specialize in nails, hair, makeup and eyebrows, and a fun play station that consisted face painting and arts and crafts for the children.

Aspire to Inspire is Rebecca’s way of inspiring other people to make a difference in the world, making her an inspiration to women everywhere and although the event was not a simple task to organize she is grateful she gets the opportunity to help the twenty women who attended.


“Today is a day to celebrate them, women’s empowerment making them feel good and beautiful and to spark a light in their hearts that was dimmed by someone else” – Rebecca Nobrega.

The purpose of preparing a Women’s Pampering Day, Rebecca explains is that it is a way for women to love themselves despite the unfortunate past they have endured because they deserve to recognize their inner and outer beauty. Simply getting your hair and makeup done can boost confidence and change someone’s life forever.


“There is no better feeling than seeing a smile on someone’s face” – Rebecca Nobrega.

I sat down with an inspirational woman who was a resident at the women’s shelter and attended the event, Jessica, a single mother enjoyed every moment of Women’s Pampering Day and wishes to participate in future functions. Jessica attended the event with her two beautiful daughters and expresses that, “Everyone is so friendly, I love it here. Today was the first time I got my eyebrows done and I’ve never felt better. I am happy that I have the chance to spend a day with my girl’s do these things”.

Rebecca was not alone in planning the pampering day, after reaching out to plenty of sponsors to donate for the cause, the room was happily filled with delicious treats from a variety of bakeries in the City, lunch was served, refreshments were handed out with entertainment provided by a life DJ throughout the day. Accompanying the DJ was a live singer, and a photo booth was set up to document the fabulous event.

The day ended with a motivational speaker who shared her personal experiences, expressing her fight to success. This is not the end for Rebecca, as she will continue to #aspiretoinspire and

International Women’s Day: What It Means To Be A Woman

International Women’s Day: What It Means To Be A Woman

Give yourself a pat on the back today fly girls. Happy International Women’s Day to all the fabulous hard working ladies out there. With all that is going on in the world, it is important to recognize how far us women have come, and more importantly, how much we still need to go. Today is a day to work together and support one another because there are women all over the world who are suffering and need our help.

After Googling the word ‘woman’, presented me with a pleasant definition of what a woman is: “A woman: a wife, girlfriend, lover. A female worker or employer”. Although technically true, the flaw in this definition is that it is comparing being a woman to who they are next to someone else. There is no personality or extraordinary trait that distinguishes WHO a woman is as an individual. Instead of being defined to what society thinks a woman is, I decided to ask the important women in my life what being a woman means to them.


“Being a woman to me means, being beautiful inside and out. I still enjoy dressing up and feeling pretty. I would say that even in today’s age we still need to be proud of our strength, determination to be strong and successful! So cheers to all women in their achievements no matter what they may be”.Anna Maria, 43.

“Being a woman means that in difficult and challenging times you can be as strong or as fragile as you feel you need to be because you can look to the people that love you for support and know that they will accept whichever you choose to be”. –Marianne, 48

“It means being a bad b****”.Sabrina 17.

“Being a woman means being a boss. It means being strong, passionate, courageous, caring, empowering and much more, all while rocking the perfect shade of lipstick”.Vanessa, 27.

“I think being a woman means empowerment. Every woman is categorized as a feminist if they believe in equality but I think it’s believing in empowerment: yourself, your partner, nature & the world. The ability to help allow the evolution of life occurs but help make it blissful. It’s not only being a mom, sister, friend, shoulder to lean on but it’s being a helping hand in creating a better future when doubted by so many based on a sex”.Samantha, 23

“To me, being a woman means inspiring and empowering those around you. To break through the barriers and norms that tell us who we’re expected to be. To dream big, always be kind and follow your instincts. To never compromise who you are and most importantly, to love yourself.”Rebecca Nobrega, Founder of Aspire to Inspire with bbnobrega

“I’d say that being a woman means I have to work a little bit harder to prove myself in the world, but I’m ok with that because being a woman also means I’m strong, really strong, and I can accomplish so much. I have the blessing and ability to bring a child into this world and the responsibility to raise him/her to be better than me and to accomplish even more than I will. It means being emotional, which I used to think was a bad thing but have learned that it is an incredible thing”.Julia, 20

“Being a woman means being strong, confident and independent”.Andrea, 26

“Being a woman means responsibility. It’s big responsibility to be a woman because you have this great freedom where you can do whatever you want, be whoever you want, but it’s also a responsibility because you have to cherish it. We’re lucky to be born in this generation that has granted us with so much opportunity, and if we do not take care of it, it will be taken away. Anything is possible”.Nicole, 33.

“Being a woman is the opportunity to be whoever I want to be and create whatever I want. Being a woman in 2017 gives us the opportunity to create a path for future generations of girls and women. It allows us to inspire them and raise them. Especially now when women around the world are coming together and supporting one another.”Ariana, 20

“Being a woman is being strong, confident and independent. It is being compassionate, generous, and kind. A woman has the strength to persevere and fight for her dreams. A woman has the courage to follow her heart and speak her mind. A woman has loyalty to all those she loves and an unconditional love that has no limits. A woman takes on many roles. That of a daughter, a wife, a mother, a friend”.Rhonda,47

“To me it’s about being true to who you are. I believe that people are so concerned with trying to prove to the world that women can do anything men can do that we are losing everything that makes us unique from men, and lose focus of everything that we can do that men can’t, everything that identifies us as women. Being a woman is so empowering. The strongest people I know and look up to are all women. The things women can overcome and accomplish just being them selves and embracing who they are as individuals is how we have come so far and how so many powerful women have been able to show their strength and make differences”.Melissa, 22

“Being a woman is all about confidence. Confidence is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear”.Daniela, 29.

To me, being a woman means waking up each day and never giving up. There have been days when I was judged, insulted, humiliated and felt completely worthless, but the only thing that kept me going was knowing that I would wake up and start a brand new day.

Every woman is different, special and beyond ordinary. Whether you are a single mother, a student, a doctor or someone who is still trying to figure who they are, do not let life’s obstacles prevent you from doing what you want to do. Everybody is fighter in this world and deserves to be acknowledged and appreciated. Stand tall and proudly wear your crown so the entire world can watch you shine. Enjoy today, for it is a brand new day.


How to Get People to Fall in Love With Your Brand

How to Get People to Fall in Love With Your Brand

You work hard to build your brand and you shouldn’t be the only one who loves it. In fact, it’s important that your target customers do. They are the ones who continue to make you successful. Some brands have managed to make people fall in love with their work and obsess over the effort they put in giving them huge popularity. Having an emotional connection to a brand sparks interest for the customer and allows them to stay engaged in your work.

Shoutout to the loyal fans who are committed to your brand, but in case you’re in need of more love, here are some tips to get customers to fall for you and what you do:

Make your work relatable
People love to know they are not alone. Connecting to your audience builds attachments and a sense of belonging that people seek out in their lives. Know who your audience is and understand what they like or don’t like so that your brand suits them.

Bring joy in your message
Happiness is a MUST in your work. Happy work makes for a happy customer, which will impact the way people perceive your brand. Not only will your customers be happy, but this will increase profits, especially if they recommend you to other viewers. A loveable brand makes their audience feel valued and respected, making for a happy you, as well.

Show people what you got
The first impression is everything and people will connect more with your brand if they like what they are seeing. Organizing a clear and compelling platform will lure customers in and keep them interested in what your brand has to offer. Allow your social media to do some of the talking for your brand by displaying eye-catching and inspirational images /designs that your audience can identify with.

Let your audience see you
Don’t hide behind your brand. Show your costumers who you are so they can have a stronger connection with the brand they love. Put your personality into your brand and prove you are just as emotionally involved as you are professionally.

People LOVE a brand they can trust
Your customers are relying on you to be genuine. It is up to you to make sure your work benefits your audience and is a reliable business for them to be invested in. Forbes released a list of ways to help build trust in your brand including listening to your audience and keeping your messages concise. Trust is hard to build but do not let that discourage you. Be patient and let your customers grow to love what you have to offer.

Don’t make love complicated, use these tips to encourage and engage your audience into falling in love with your brand. But don’t forget to fall in love with it too.