7 Tips to Crush it as an Intern

7 Tips to Crush it as an Intern

Being an intern is a great way to obtain an introduction into a field, gain hands-on experience and make connections within the industry of your choice.

The connections you make will not be beneficial if your supervisor or co-workers passed on that you weren’t a great intern. It’s crucial, even as an intern, whether paid or unpaid that you show up and go above and beyond so that you leave a good impression and get referenced for future job opportunities.

Here are a few tips to follow to help you crush it during an internship:

1. Be On Time

Being on time may seem like a given, but you’d be surprised how many people tend to be consecutively 5-10 minutes late. Even if you have seen your co-workers or boss coming in late does not mean you should follow suit. A lot of interns receive evaluations and this could be a negative point brought up when discussing your work. Try and always get to the office 5-10 minutes earlier than your shift, especially if you need to set up your work station.

2. Take Notes And Ask Questions

If you are given an assignment or shown a new skill, write it down. Being a newbie, you will be given loads of new information. Always have a notebook and pen handy to write notes. Also, while receiving an explanation ask questions to make sure you understand the directions given. Sometimes we might be too nervous that we do not ask questions. This can only hinder you from doing your best.

3. Be Organized

If you have a desk, keep it clean. If you are given many papers, look for a folder to keep them in and have them in order. If you are given multiple tasks, write them down with the time that they are due to keep track of everything. Showing that you are organized can prioritize and can multi tasks which is a big plus for employers to see.

4. Dress The Part

Upon receiving your internship, inquire on the office dress code and respect it. On your first day of interning dress like you already have the job. If the place that you are interning has a more relaxed dress code, still keep in mind that you should always look professional. Try avoiding short skirts, shorts, low cut v-necks and crop tops.

5. Ask For Feedback

In the middle of your internship, you can politely ask your colleagues or superior for feedback on how the internship is going. This can give direction on what needs improvement and what are your strengths. You’ll also have the opportunity to bring up any questions you may have or the skills you wish to learn before the end of your internship.

6. Show Enthusiasm

Show that you love what you are doing even if they are not paying you. You want them to say that it was a pleasure working with you. Be polite and make small talk with your colleagues. Develop a relationship but do not cross boundaries by being inappropriate. If your superior is looking to delegate tasks then raise your hand and take on the challenge. At the end of the day, ask your colleagues or superior if they need help finishing up any tasks. Be open and flexible.

7. Take Initiative And Give Your Input

If you have ideas on how to make something better, speak up and share your ideas. If you know that a certain task that is supposed to be done at a certain time, go ahead and get it done before being told because this shows that you are eager to get involved and be apart of the team.

The tips mentioned above will allow you to get great feedback at your internship. Nevertheless, remember to have fun and make the most out of your position as an intern. I’d like to hear from anyone who has done an internship or managed interns, what tips would you share with someone who will be going for their first internship?


7 Study Tips for a Successful School Year

7 Study Tips for a Successful School Year

School is back, and before you know it the first test is upon us, then midterms, more tests and finals. It can become quickly overwhelming as we try to keep up with class assignments, group projects and prepare for each exam in each class. When studying we have to take into account that we all learn differently. Some of us learn better visually or via auditory. Below I gathered 7 study tips for both types that will help you stay on track this school year.


It’s important to plan out how you will study for the semester. Look at all your course outlines and figure out what is due first and what you will have more difficulty with and plan accordingly to not fall behind. You can knock out the easier tasks first, then allot more time to work that will take more time or that is more difficult. Another good thing is to have a planner and or a calendar to keep track of due dates, times, appointments and will also help you set aside study time.


When you do set time aside to study, it’s a good idea to take a break every 30-45 minutes. Just a small break of 10 minutes to get fresh air or a coffee can help you stay focused and complete more work than going straight for more than 45 minutes.

Write it Out

This is for my visual learners; after class when everything is still fresh in your mind you can try to re-write your notes on a new page. This will help you fill in the blanks of what you might have missed while note taking and also help you remember what you learned in class.

Quiz Yourself

It’s a good idea to quiz yourself on what you’re studying, this way you can figure out what areas you need to focus more on. You can either write out your answers or say them out loud while recording yourself.

Enter the Discussion

This if more so for in class and for my auditory learners, when you are active in the classroom discussion this will not only help you clarify and understand the concepts being discussed, but also help you remember it.

Study Partner

Having a study partner can help make sure that you get the work done. You have someone to hold you accountable and also you can help each other in areas of difficulty. Depending on how you study, you can either have discussions on what was taught or chapters or quiz each other.

 Bedtime Study

It is said that studying before bed can help us memorize. Just don’t bring your notebooks, tablets, laptops or textbooks in the bed. Doing work or using electronics in bed can ruin your sleep pattern. Getting enough rest is also important for studying.

What type of learner are you? What has been the best way for you to study? If you haven’t locked down your study pattern, I say to try different ways until you find something that works for you.

Brunching in the City

Brunching in the City


In 2017, I made a promise that I would attend more events within my lovely city of Montreal. This past Sunday I attended Brown Beauties Brunching by Four Brown Girls. The concept is to provide women a place to network while empowering women and highlighting female entrepreneurs. This was their 3rd brunching event and it definitely won’t be the last.

The event was held at building 3737, which is owned by a black entrepreneur and all businesses within the building are black owned! The event was divided into two rooms, one with food and drinks and the other with Canadian vendors. Some of the vendors were Artizans, who sold jewelry, hair products and natural juices. Inhairitance, which is a well-known natural hair salon. Toronto’s own Karlyn Percil was present with her must have success planner. This was great as it opened my eyes to see how many black owned businesses exist and are accessible.

The main event was the discussion panel which consisted of Camille Dundas from CTV Your Morning and ByBlacks.com, Model and founder of Born to Rise Aiesha Robinson, founder of Salon Inhairitance Abisara Machold, founder of !Nu.I clothing Vicky Joseph and comedian Dorothy Rhau. These ladies displayed the true essence of black girl magic, they revealed their struggles within their career and personal life. From Aiesha dealing with Vitiligo, Abisara feeling like an outsider with her natural hair while growing up in Austria and Camille second guessing hair choices to in order to be accepted as a journalist with a mainstream audience.

As women, I think we can all relate to these stories of working hard to prove ourselves in the workplace. Trying to find a balance between being professional while not losing who we actually are in the process is a struggle that many of us face. We watch what we wear, what we say, how we react and as black women we are always questioning our hair choices – natural vs. weave, wigs or a perm. There’s so much that we go through that it can definitely put a strain on us.

Overall, I truly enjoyed the event, from women randomly complimenting each other, seeing people purchasing and interactions with the vendors. By the end of the brunch, the panelists made sure that the women left empowered, knowing that we as women are enough and that we are beautiful just the way we are.

I Found Fulfillment by Living Life for Me

I Found Fulfillment by Living Life for Me

Starting a new career can be exciting, scary and challenging. That sums up all of my current emotions. Recently, I found myself feeling unfulfilled. I graduated from Concordia University with a bachelor degree in Sociology and Anthropology. Halfway through my program I became disinterested, but I kept on going to make my family proud. (more…)