In 2017, I made a promise that I would attend more events within my lovely city of Montreal. This past Sunday I attended Brown Beauties Brunching by Four Brown Girls. The concept is to provide women a place to network while empowering women and highlighting female entrepreneurs. This was their 3rd brunching event and it definitely won’t be the last.

The event was held at building 3737, which is owned by a black entrepreneur and all businesses within the building are black owned! The event was divided into two rooms, one with food and drinks and the other with Canadian vendors. Some of the vendors were Artizans, who sold jewelry, hair products and natural juices. Inhairitance, which is a well-known natural hair salon. Toronto’s own Karlyn Percil was present with her must have success planner. This was great as it opened my eyes to see how many black owned businesses exist and are accessible.

The main event was the discussion panel which consisted of Camille Dundas from CTV Your Morning and, Model and founder of Born to Rise Aiesha Robinson, founder of Salon Inhairitance Abisara Machold, founder of !Nu.I clothing Vicky Joseph and comedian Dorothy Rhau. These ladies displayed the true essence of black girl magic, they revealed their struggles within their career and personal life. From Aiesha dealing with Vitiligo, Abisara feeling like an outsider with her natural hair while growing up in Austria and Camille second guessing hair choices to in order to be accepted as a journalist with a mainstream audience.

As women, I think we can all relate to these stories of working hard to prove ourselves in the workplace. Trying to find a balance between being professional while not losing who we actually are in the process is a struggle that many of us face. We watch what we wear, what we say, how we react and as black women we are always questioning our hair choices – natural vs. weave, wigs or a perm. There’s so much that we go through that it can definitely put a strain on us.

Overall, I truly enjoyed the event, from women randomly complimenting each other, seeing people purchasing and interactions with the vendors. By the end of the brunch, the panelists made sure that the women left empowered, knowing that we as women are enough and that we are beautiful just the way we are.

Loreena Gabriel

Loreena Gabriel

My name is Loreena Gabriel, I’m a recent public relations graduate, blogger and PR intern for New Girl on the Block. I’m passionate about all things music and entertainment and looking to uplift millennials while chasing my dreams of becoming an entertainment publicist.
Loreena Gabriel

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