Your Skin is 90% of Your Selfie

Your Skin is 90% of Your Selfie

We place so much energy and importance into a selfie, so why not make skincare a priority??

Unless you have an Instagram filter that follows you around in real life!! Skincare is like a diet, you have to invest time and effort as there’s no miracle cure. Building a daily skincare routine can help you maintain the overall health of your skin which leads to graceful aging. I mean, who doesn’t want that?? I love getting ID’d and seeing the looks on faces when they see my age, it shows that I’m definitely doing something right.

I’ve learned that taking care of my skin not only makes me look radiant (and young), but I also feel good inside. Putting on a face masque while I flip through magazines and sip on a drink makes me feel like a princess!! But besides getting into princess mode, doing simple things everyday can really improve the way your skin looks and feels.

Being in this business for over 5 years, I’ve tried so many products, treatments and I’ve also said some prayers when dealing with my personal skin issues. But now, I’ve finally found the perfect skincare regiment that has changed my life and the texture of my skin. A daily skincare routine has ONLY 5 steps that can be done in 5 minutes!!

Let me give you a rundown on this life changing routine:

Step 1

CLEANSING: washing your face is the most basic, yet essential step of any routine. I’m a huge makeup lover and I wear it religiously every day and therefore I needed a cleanser that would really deep clean my pores and wash my makeup off in one step, without stripping any of my natural oils. IS Clinical Cleansing Complex has been my saving grace and my number 1 go to cleanser. Whether your skin is dry, oily, combination or acne prone, this cleanser would help you maintain a beautiful complexion.

Step 2

: a gentle exfoliant that can be used daily is one of the easiest ways to remove dry skin cells from the surface of the skin and therefore allows deeper penetration of serums and moisturizers. Dermalogica daily microfoliant is a unique rice based formula that activates with the use of water and gives the skin an instant healthy super soft glow.

Step 3

SERUMS: serums are powerful skin allies, formulated with high concentrated does dose of active ingredients. The texture of a serum is usually lighter than a moisturizer, which allows for it to be used as a stand alone product or used under a moisturizer for someone with dry to normal skin. While there are limitless options, the most hardworking ingredients to look out for when choosing a serum are:

Hyaluronic acid: This helps seal in hydration and strengthen the top layer of your skin to prevent moisture loss.
Vitamin C: This helps to brighten dull complexions, decreases pigmentation and shields the skin from visible impacts of pollution.
Retinol: This is a key anti-aging ingredient as it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and proteins in the body that helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

My serum of choice is the IS Clinical Active serum. Excellent for all skin types, this powerful serum leaves the skin moist and smooth and generally produces results after a couple of uses.

Step 4

MOISTURIZER: as we age our skin loses the ability to retain moisture, so the most basic function of a moisturizer is to hydrate and soften the skin. Using the right kind of moisturizer for your particular skin type can help maintain its balance. If your skin tends to be oily you should use lotions instead of creams. If you have normal to dry skin, a cream based moisturizer is ideal as they to too have a higher oil content.

Step 5

SUNSCREEN: this is hands down the most CRUCIAL skincare product. I can’t stress enough that using a sunscreen with SPF 30 and up is of the utmost importance as part of your year round regimen. This not only protects your skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (which by the way does not discriminate on skin colour), it also protects the skin from sun damage and lowers the risk of skin cancer. You may not notice the benefits of using a sunscreen now, but the advantage is felt in the long run.

And that sums it all up!! As they say, “Your skin is 90% of your Selfie”. Remember to be good to your skin, it’s the one thing you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life..

Reasons Why You Should Stick With An Instagram Theme

Reasons Why You Should Stick With An Instagram Theme

Ever looked at your Instagram feed and thought it looked overwhelming? Well, this is the post for you. A few months ago, I thought the same way and took it upon myself to change the aesthetics of my feed.

What are the benefits? 

Aside from the fact that you feel the ultimate satisfaction when you visit your feed, I’ve realized that Instagram themes are an easy way to give your brand its own visual identity. This is important because your followers are able to identify your work wherever they see it (Dude! You have no idea how helpful this is when someone steals your work). Additionally, your followers have an idea of what to expect from you every time, which not only gives them a sense of inclusiveness and excitement but also benefits you because you automatically cultivate a loyal following that comes back for more. Isn’t that amazing? Damn! I think it is.

You’ve probably heard the saying that the first nine photos on your feed play a huge role in the decision-making process of your potential new followers. Now, while I’m not sure how politically correct this shallow behaviour (as I like to call it) is for the majority of people, I’d be the first to say I’m guilty of it. Lmao, shoot me but if I go to a person’s page and it looks a hot mess, chances are I’d most likely leave the page without scrolling down sooooo we want to make sure we’re keeping it clean and cohesive, Okay!

Finally, believe it or not, but having a theme makes it so much easier to plan what to post next. With a structured plan for your feed, (and by structured, I mean everything from your niche to your content medium to your aesthetics) you already know the nature of your content which helps you come up with dope ideas on what to post next, what products to feature and exactly how to present it to your audience.

Curating Your Instagram Theme

So now you know why themes are super important, let’s get into how to actually come up with your new popping Instagram theme. You ready?

Once you have your niche and content medium all figured out, I say the next step is to find some inspiration. The best places to go for this are (Seriously, this platform is probably the best thing known to any content creator) and your favourite Instagram accounts that obviously adopt this technique. After consulting the content doctors, you can move on to figure out what you like in terms of colour, style and editing styles. Here are a few examples:

How I Edit My Instagram Photos

I personally love a minimalistic look. It’s airy, white, has a bit of nature here and there, you know, It’s cute! I tend to play with negative space a lot (which is basically a blank area around your subject). I find that this helps prevent the overall feed from looking “unnecessarily busy”. I ALWAYS edit with Facetune and VSCO. I use Facetune to clean up my pictures and VSCO to plan my feed and add my signature filter; A5. I use this for ALL my pictures. Here’s is a more detailed video on how I do this.

I hope these tips have helped you understand Instagram themes and remember to have fun while at it. Xoxo.


How Blogger, Joëlle Anello, Turned her Hobby into a Full-Time Career and Unlocked Her Passion

How Blogger, Joëlle Anello, Turned her Hobby into a Full-Time Career and Unlocked Her Passion

Joelle 3 - blogger

Anybody can wake up and start a company, but it takes dedication, time and commitment to make a business work and be successful. You do not need to be highly qualified or have attended prestigious schools (although these are great qualities to succeed). Sometimes your mistakes and failures lead you right to your destiny. What do I mean by this? If you lose your job or are rejected from a company, then this is probably a wakeup call to try something new or go into an entirely different direction, career wise. Joëlle Anello, a Toronto blogger turned her hobby, her blog La Petite Noob, into a full time career after an unfortunate shift in her work life. She took what seemed like an escape from reality, and made it her every day.

I had the chance to connect with Joëlle, who is an entrepreneur that inspires me to continue working for my dreams despite the obstacles I face. Read below for Joëlle’s experiences with becoming a blogger and her advice to aspiring young millennials looking for direction but are unsure of what to do.

Did you always want to become a blogger?  

For me, blogging was a way to escape a workplace that I wasn’t 100% happy in. I needed a creative outlet, and my blog La Petite Noob definitely filled that void. As the years went by, and I started to gain more readers and traction, I finally started seeing myself as a ‘blogger’ and began to think that maybe this was something that I could do more than just a hobby.

Did you ever expect you would be your own boss and travel around the world? 

Honestly, I never expected to be working for myself. I’m a pretty structured person, so I was always happy working as a part of a company. Because I view the blog as a piece of myself, I never really look at myself as a ‘boss.’ I’m just very grateful to be able to do what I love, to share myself with the world and to be able to support myself financially while doing so.

 joelle 2 - blogger

What you would you say is the hardest thing about being your own boss?  

I think having to wear so many hats is definitely the hardest thing about being your own boss. In any given day, I’m my own copywriter, secretary, cleaning staff, travel agent, sales negotiator, etc. It can get to be quite tiring, and the job literally never stops, but because this is my passion it doesn’t bother me much!

Was there ever a time where you wanted give up? What kept you going? 

Sometimes, one the busiest days, or where there are lots of little mistakes being made that are 100% my fault, I can get quite down. The passion I have for my blog always keeps me going so, while the hard days do weigh on me, I’ve never considered giving up.

What were some of the biggest lessons that have impacted the way you work?

I’ve learned to always believe and advocate for yourself. Never let anyone make you question your worth. If you want something, don’t be afraid to ask for it. And above all, always proof read your emails!

Did you have any mentors to help you get to where you are, now?  

While I couldn’t pin-point a mentor, I’m constantly motivated and driven by the bloggers around me – especially in Toronto. The amount of passion, creativity and hustle in this industry is completely inspiring!

Do you have any advice for a blogger / young entrepreneur starting up? 

My advice for a new blogger is to dive in head-first and always, always, always create out of passion. Become obsessed with content, and never stop trying to accumulate it. This industry has to be your passion, because all of the perks can take a long time to come – for example, I didn’t get my first paid project until I had been blogging for almost 2 years. Enjoy the ride!

What to Wear on the First Day of the Job

What to Wear on the First Day of the Job

So, you landed your dream job and now you have no idea what to wear? We have all been there, rummaging through your drawers and throwing all your clothes on to the bed hoping to find the perfect outfit. Take a deep breath because destroying your closet will not help. The first day of work is a lot like the first day of school, you want to give a great first impression since you will be seeing these people every day. Although figuring out what to wear may be overwhelming, and people will judge you no matter what, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Looking confident and comfortable is a key aspect to killing it on your first day on the job. Which is why I have listed the Dos and Donts from my personal experiences for your first day on the job.  

Dress for YOUR position  

When I started my internship at the beginning of summer I was extremely nervous about not fitting in and was not sure what was the appropriate style for this work environment. I dressed professionally with dress pants, a blouse and heels – this was my first time working in a professional setting, and I wanted to look the part, but I did not consider what part I played in this position. What I mean by this is, when I got hired to be an intern, I was 20 – years old, also known as the youngest employee in the company. I did not have to come in wearing pencil skirts and button ups, but I also needed to dress appropriately.  

Do take into consideration that every company is different. Working at a branding company that atmosphere was loud and full of creativity and I felt more comfortable dressing professional but chic. Research the company and the people there, to grasp a better understanding about the working environment before you start your first day.  

Bring a change of shoes 

At my previous part time job as a sales associate for a clothing store I wore heels during my shift and regretted immediately once I sat in my car and had to drive home in pain. I am a petite woman so, wearing heels gave me the lift of confidence while in a work setting, but I would forgetfully not bring a change of comfortable shoes for before and after my shift begun. Lucky, my internship now, requires me to sit at a desk most of the day writing on my computer, which is why I can wear heels to work without getting sore feet, but comfort is important. You want your employers to know you are comfortable where you are and can adjust, you never know what errand or event you have to run off to at work. Bring an extra pair of runners and change into your work shoes before and after work, this is also a good idea if the weather is terrible and you do not want to dirty the office floors.  

 Don’t try too hard 

Remember that the only person you should be impressing is yourself. Forget about the big name executives and clients and wear what makes you feel like a bad ass queen. Do not over do it by layering on the makeup and over spraying your perfume to make a statement. You want to be remembered for your work, not how you look, because you are worth so much more than your appearance.  

I spent every day at work worried that I was being judged and criticized when all I wanted was to fit in. Turns out, I was never being judged on how I looked, but on what I can do, and it was not until the internship offered me a job that I realized it was my confidence in my work that helped me succeed. You do not have to wait until someone tells you, you are doing a good job to believe it, if you walk in and show that you are capable of succeeding people will believe it too.

Dare to Embrace your Face

Dare to Embrace your Face

Many of us worry that if we leave the house without makeup we’ll be judged by everyone around us. We think that beauty is defined by how well you can blend your contour and how well your eyebrows are drawn in. Makeup is not supposed to change how you look, but compliment your natural beauty. There is so much hate going around about tutorials on contouring and the obvious difference between the before and after photos, and it is comments like these on social media, that discourage the bare face. Although, I do have to agree that there are a few excessive makeup tutorials that completely missed the meaning of beauty by restructuring their face, I am not telling you to throw away your brushes. I mean, I am a sucker for glamorous lipsticks myself. But I simply encourage you to embrace the luxury of not wearing layers of makeup, at least for a day or two.

There’s been a trend of late towards the no-makeup look. Frustratingly, Sephora hosts a free class on how to achieve this look while still wearing makeup to hide imperfections. This undoubtedly annoying oxymoron promotes wearing makeup as a requirement to appeal to society. However, instead of spending hours and money to make it look like you’re not wearing makeup, just don’t wear makeup.

Plenty of high-profile women embrace really going without makeup. Mila Kunis posed on the August cover of Glamour magazine makeup-free looking as fabulous as ever! When asked why, she admitted that she does not usually wear makeup, and it is not something she associates herself with. Similar to Kunis, other celebrities like Demi Lovato, Gigi Hadid, and Selena Gomez post pictures on Instagram with their ‘au naturale’ look regularly.

It’s a serious confidence boost to go makeup-free, but your skin will thank you too. Usually, when putting on a full face of makeup you are applying layers and this can clog up your pores. If you want to embrace your natural beauty and give your skin some much-needed TLC, I’ve listed some steps that will help give you the true natural no-makeup look.

  1. Wash your face twice daily.

Whether you use a face cleanser or fresh warm water, consistently cleaning your face will clear any impurities. Products like Deep Clean and Dove work very well to eliminate any unwanted blemishes. Make sure you use a toner right after because this will balance everything out, as it removes any excess oil and dirt. Once you have toned, be sure to moisturize. A moisturizer will hydrate your skin and leave it glowing! Exfoliating just once a week will prevent irritation that comes with scrubbing too often, and you’ll get results fast.

  1. Hit up the spa!

Spa treatment centres offer skilled professionals that ensure your skin looks great. Take a day, or even a weekend (because you are a hard working woman, Duh.) and treat yourself to a relaxing facial or whatever skin treatments the spa centre offers. My friend and I have planned a spa day for our other friend’s birthday and I think we did it more for ourselves than her. Personally, I have been overstressed with school work and usually when this happens my skin reacts and I break out, so, a facial is long overdue. Do some research and find some local spas in your neighbourhood, and if there are no good ones in the area, no worries. Who doesn’t love a road trip?

  1. Create your own spa

Sometimes spas can be overly expensive, and in this case, you can bring the spa to the comfort of your own home. Face masks from Sephora or Shoppers Drug Mart are reasonably cheap and reliable. Add some scented candles to your cart and you’re set. Once you get home, throw on a robe, turn on the nature noises soundtrack and start your treatment…and don’t forget the cucumber slices!

True beauty comes from feeling confident in your own skin, whether you are spending a night out or staying home. You do not need anyone’s approval to look good. Take the challenge to go makeup-free, not just to rebel against society’s expectations, but because you deserve a break from the pressure to be perfect. Take some time to love the skin you’re in.


Fashion Rules are Made to be Broken

Fashion Rules are Made to be Broken

It’s Labour Day and I know some people are mourning the loss of summer and opportunities to put on their brightest whites. After all, it’s an absolute fashion faux pas to wear white after Labour Day, isn’t it? Well, what if it wasn’t? The beauty of clothing is that you get to choose what you wear according to what makes you feel beautiful, confident and queenly and I like to think that fashion rules are really more like really loose guidelines that you can follow and dismiss as you please. So I’ve compiled a list of the fashion rules you can and should break if your heart desires, including donning white to work tomorrow morning.

  1. No White After Labour Day

For such a well-known rule, this one has some really cloudy origins. It apparently hearkens back to the days when wealthy people would vacation at their summer homes and wear white to keep cool. It was associated with frivolity and fun that ended when they returned to their day-to-day lives after Labour Day. It’s an old and arbitrary rule that’s totally turned on its head by the existence of gorgeous bright white sweaters, pea coats, and jeans. You may want to put away your linen and cotton, but white wool, knits, and denim totally work for winter, so wear ‘em with pride.

  1. No Mixing Metals

Typically, we’re strongly advised against wearing silver and gold together. My mother always told me they clashed. But if done right, it’s possible to make it look amazing. The key is to make sure you’re intentional about it. Match a necklace that already features mixed metals with a group of gold and silver bangles or rings to add a little extra sparkle to your look.

  1. Dresses only Work with Heels

A great pair of heels can make a simple dress look amazing, but let’s face it, killer heels can be torture for your feet. The good news is you don’t have to wear heels to with your favourite dress to turn heads. A pair of embellished flats, strappy sandals or Chelsea boots can look equally as dressed up without crushing your soles.

  1. Sneakers Never Go with Dresses

In light of the previous point, this is an obvious argument, but it shouldn’t be. Before you break this rule though, bear in mind that a cocktail dress or office wear will probably never look quite right with your favourite sneakers, but you can totally rock your Chucks or Keds with a more casual dress for a look that shows off your girly side while keeping you comfy. Whether it’s a loose tunic style dress or a body con number, sneakers add a playful touch to outfits that are perfect for brunch, running errands, or a day on the town with your girlfriends.

  1. No Heels for Tall Ladies

While we’re on the topic of shoes, I’d like to throw away another rule. If you are a tall woman, you can absolutely still wear heels. While shorter ladies like myself might don our best stilettos for extra height, put yours on for a confidence boost, because nothing says I can seize the world like a pair of heels. Just make sure to stand tall and embrace your height.

  1. Jump in on Trends

No matter how much fashion magazines and websites try to force you to get in on the latest trend, remember that not every item that makes its way down the runway is going to be flattering for you. Being trendy is fun and shows you’re up-to-date with what’s hot, but wearing something that makes you uncomfortable or doesn’t compliment your body is a no-no. Choose carefully, and remember, the classics never go out of style.

  1. Match Your Bag to Your Shoes…or Don’t

This is one of those rules that people can’t seem to decide on. Some say matching your bag to your shoes looks sophomoric and bland, while others argue that not matching makes your look uncoordinated. This is one of those things where you’ll be breaking one rule or another no matter what you choose, so wear what makes you comfortable, whether that’s perfectly matching accessories or colour blocked statement pieces. Do you!


What fashion rules have you thrown away?