It’s Labour Day and I know some people are mourning the loss of summer and opportunities to put on their brightest whites. After all, it’s an absolute fashion faux pas to wear white after Labour Day, isn’t it? Well, what if it wasn’t? The beauty of clothing is that you get to choose what you wear according to what makes you feel beautiful, confident and queenly and I like to think that fashion rules are really more like really loose guidelines that you can follow and dismiss as you please. So I’ve compiled a list of the fashion rules you can and should break if your heart desires, including donning white to work tomorrow morning.

  1. No White After Labour Day

For such a well-known rule, this one has some really cloudy origins. It apparently hearkens back to the days when wealthy people would vacation at their summer homes and wear white to keep cool. It was associated with frivolity and fun that ended when they returned to their day-to-day lives after Labour Day. It’s an old and arbitrary rule that’s totally turned on its head by the existence of gorgeous bright white sweaters, pea coats, and jeans. You may want to put away your linen and cotton, but white wool, knits, and denim totally work for winter, so wear ‘em with pride.

  1. No Mixing Metals

Typically, we’re strongly advised against wearing silver and gold together. My mother always told me they clashed. But if done right, it’s possible to make it look amazing. The key is to make sure you’re intentional about it. Match a necklace that already features mixed metals with a group of gold and silver bangles or rings to add a little extra sparkle to your look.

  1. Dresses only Work with Heels

A great pair of heels can make a simple dress look amazing, but let’s face it, killer heels can be torture for your feet. The good news is you don’t have to wear heels to with your favourite dress to turn heads. A pair of embellished flats, strappy sandals or Chelsea boots can look equally as dressed up without crushing your soles.

  1. Sneakers Never Go with Dresses

In light of the previous point, this is an obvious argument, but it shouldn’t be. Before you break this rule though, bear in mind that a cocktail dress or office wear will probably never look quite right with your favourite sneakers, but you can totally rock your Chucks or Keds with a more casual dress for a look that shows off your girly side while keeping you comfy. Whether it’s a loose tunic style dress or a body con number, sneakers add a playful touch to outfits that are perfect for brunch, running errands, or a day on the town with your girlfriends.

  1. No Heels for Tall Ladies

While we’re on the topic of shoes, I’d like to throw away another rule. If you are a tall woman, you can absolutely still wear heels. While shorter ladies like myself might don our best stilettos for extra height, put yours on for a confidence boost, because nothing says I can seize the world like a pair of heels. Just make sure to stand tall and embrace your height.

  1. Jump in on Trends

No matter how much fashion magazines and websites try to force you to get in on the latest trend, remember that not every item that makes its way down the runway is going to be flattering for you. Being trendy is fun and shows you’re up-to-date with what’s hot, but wearing something that makes you uncomfortable or doesn’t compliment your body is a no-no. Choose carefully, and remember, the classics never go out of style.

  1. Match Your Bag to Your Shoes…or Don’t

This is one of those rules that people can’t seem to decide on. Some say matching your bag to your shoes looks sophomoric and bland, while others argue that not matching makes your look uncoordinated. This is one of those things where you’ll be breaking one rule or another no matter what you choose, so wear what makes you comfortable, whether that’s perfectly matching accessories or colour blocked statement pieces. Do you!


What fashion rules have you thrown away?




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