Speaking up in the world has always been a problem when I was a kid. I Physically could not use my own mouth to express what I felt, I would stay shut as if my mouth was sewn shut but deep down inside I had so much I wanted to say. so many thoughts going through my mind but not one single word coming out. I never seemed to understand why I did not have the strength mentally to get it out and physically to stand up for myself no matter how much I wanted no matter how hurt, angry, or sad I was in a situation I just could not. My confidence level was at a minimum which played a big role in why I wasn’t confident enough to speak up. speaking up in this world is scary because you don’t know what reaction you might receive from people. Are they gonna agree with me? Are they gonna hate me? I just want to fit in with the crowd. Many things would go running through my mind when I would try to speak up, what if I say the wrong thing, should I even speak up, may I be overreacting? is this the right place and time to do it?. In moments like this, to anyway it would feel like I was about to be sucked in by a dark sinkhole. I would just to anyway I could to escape the situation whether it was me just sitting there and smiling knowing deep down I did not agree with what was happening or just finding any lame excuse to run away to avoid any chance of conversation. As overwhelming as this all could be I knew the right way to go about it was by staying true to myself. I finally found the confidence in myself and found my voice, I found me. I know my worth and I know who I am.

Now my next challenge is showing myself and others through my clothing brand. When I first encountered the business world and the people I was so scared that I could not think straight but the more I spoke to people about my brand and what it meant to me they seem to have clicked with me and believed in my goal and they love It! You don’t have to verbally speak up you can speak up with music, painting, sports and more. I chose to speak up through clothing because I feel as though I can tell my story a bit through clothing designs. Someone once told me that the clothing you wear speaks a lot for you and I believed what he said was true. People can choose to listen to you or hear you but a lot of people can’t ignore what you are wearing.

The more I see and hear and how many people stand beside me as I try to find my voice in this world and in the business world gives me the strength and confidence I need to continue growing. As my journey still continues I know it won’t be easy and I know I may have times where I may feel that I don’t have the courage to use my voice but with the love and support from those who believe in me i know I will be able to get through it all.


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