MEET: Melisha Fletcher


Most people misunderstand mentoring, I certainly did. For the longest time, I thought in order to have a mentor you had to be doing something big in life, have a business, or even being famous. That is, until one of my good friends mentioned this mentorship program called, New Girl On The Block.

Finding a mentor takes time because there are things you need to take into consideration. Like, finding someone you want to be like or admire. Study the person. Get in contact with he/she. Let the relationship evolve organically and don’t check out when you feel challenged.

For about 5 years I’ve been struggling with depression or perhaps it could’ve been longer than that. But, nonetheless I didn’t notice it until 5 years ago. Depression is something that I watched my mother go through and seen that it was something she had no control over. I began to realize that there were times when I had no control over my moods as well. It was like a switch that would turn off and on depending on what I was experiencing at the time or what I was thinking about.

It is normal to experience feelings of sadness and now I understand that. I didn’t know Depression was common. In fact, one in three people will experience a major depressive episode at some stage in their lives.

Through The New Girl On The Block Mentorship program, Pauleanna taught me how to overcome my fears by learning how to love myself again. Through weekly assignments based on self-love practices and weekly check-ins that hold me accountable for my actions, I can now say that I’ve become much more intuitive and very aware about the things I want for my life. I’ve learned that saying “No” is not a selfish act.

We all know the importance of finding other women to serve as our mentors. Having someone to look up to and turn to for advice will help you get anywhere in your personal life and career. It’s not always easy to find that special someone who has the time to serve as your mentor.

Pauleanna has become a true inspiration for me in my life and I’m finally getting back to truly loving and understanding myself again. Having depression took over my life and made it harder for me to be around people. As, Karlyn Pencil says, “checking in and confronting your elephant” is the best thing you can do for yourself. “I am committed to doing the work to unleash the best within me”. Through my weekly personal assignments and my check- ins with Pauleanna it has allowed me to knock down my walls and open up more and I couldn’t have done this without the mentorship program.



New Girl on the Block is a mentorship program but way sicker than your average. We believe that no woman is an island – we excel when we seek the love, support & guidance of other strong women to help elevate us. Whether you are ready to publish your debut novel, own your own business, move across the globe or climb the ranks to your dream position, we are here to guide and support you every step of the way.