Mentorship is the greatest contribution I can make with my life. My co-founder, Safia Bartholomew, and I have been operating the program for over a year and it’s been one hell of a ride. Over 80 women in 5 countries have been positively impacted and the number is growing steadily. By this time next year we hope to double our enrollment and expand into more than a dozen counties. Our secret to building a powerful brand is using our mission to drive change. We “turn shy girls into fly girls” and we do it by creating a culture where impossible is nothing.

Here are 10 ways New Girl on the Block is killin’ the game and continues to be the leaders of the New School.

Armed & fabulous
Girl, let me tell you. In a world where challenges arise at every corner, you need to know how to bend, not break. As a mentor who has seen it all and has been in the trenches herself, I understand the importance of mental health and even more so, self-awareness. When you are equipped with high self-esteem and self-worth, honey – that is your power and it will give you the confidence to handle anything. Life and God both have greater plans for you that don’t include crying at night or believing that you’re broken. It’s important to know you’re important.

For this reason, as a mentor I place high priority on personal development. Even though some of my mentees kick and scream, in the end they thank me for it because without a sense of self, you do not have a brand or business. Remember, blessings have requirements. You can be at the right place with the wrong frame of mind and miss what God has called you to do.

Partnerships have power
The proof is in the 70 + LinkedIn recommendations on my profile of my outstanding work (humble brag) and the success stories listed on our website. At New Girl on the Block, we have built a community and sisterhood. It’s a safe learning environment and judgement free zone. Our student body has included everyone from a 18 year-old prostitute to a 2-time Canadian Olympian and one thing I know for sure is that no matter what age or what stage, everyone is a masterpiece and a work in progress. Despite any poor choices we’ve made or even if our past is littered with mistakes, we still have it in us to become great women. You don’t need to navigate life alone. New Girl on the Block provides accountability and accessibility to a sister circle + a bomb ass mentor (me, ha!).

Learning takes place takes both in and out of the classroom
I spent my grade school years fighting against a learning disability and later dropped out of college to pursue my dreams. Trust me, I know all too well, that people learn in different forms and to be honest – life experience has always been my greatest teacher. The School of Hard Knocks taught me some valuable lessons, one of which is that it doesn’t matter if you’ve failed or if you’ve been beaten. All that matters is that you learn something, get back up, and try again. Because winning is a good feeling, but winning when nobody else thought you could feels even better.

To engage my student body and help each woman achieve maximum results we customize each curriculum to meet their individual needs. We offer life planning, financial literacy + career strategy services.

In addition, for those of you who don’t need my one-on-one services, you can opt-in to our 5-day online branding school.

We go on cool field trips
Just ask my mentee Tracey Moore, Co-Founder of Moore Beauty who accompanied me on my trip to New Jersey City University. I was so happy to give her the opportunity to speaking about Digital Marketing to a group of students or the time she jumped on plane with me to Philadelphia to visit my mentor Rakia Reynolds. Might I add, New Girl on the Block is not funded by grants. Every cent invested is from our (mine + Saf) own pocket. We work hard so we can give back in a major way. I operate with the belief that you cannot be what you cannot see. I want my girls to know that the world is at their fingertips so I expose them to environments that will ignite their fire.

Access is always granted
Some days I receive texts filled with love and aha moments. Other days I receive calls filled with tears and the words “I can’t get out of bed”. This is my life. While other programs limit their time with clients, my girls have 24/7 access to me. I do this because sometimes you need a sister who will just listen – at any time of the day. What sets me apart from other ‘mentors’ or ‘coaches’ is my ability to relate to the experiences they go through. My story connects with my girls on a deeper level. If you don’t know my story, then girlfriend you betta ask somebody!

Financial Freedom is achievable
When my mentees establish their “goals” I always tell them that financial goals should be a ‘must-have’. That is non-negotiable. Every woman should be able to finance herself. All Canadian mentees who join our program are eligible to sit down with our #NGOTB financial advisor. Our success stories are stellar. Some mentees have purchased their first homes with us, are on their way to climbing out of debt, and become more financially literate.

If you have not yet tuned in to my money story, please feel free to click on the links below:

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Our Sisterhood is a community
I can’t even tell you how much I light up when my mentees connect with one another and make new friends. Like Teleka and Shanice out in Ottawa or Cassandra and Alisha here in Toronto. or the time I flew out to New York to spend time and connect 3 of my girls who reside out there. We met at a little cafe and enjoyed some soul food. Developing interpersonal skills is always a good thing, but building healthy relationships is even better. We are a family and often times you can hear me referencing another mentee as your “New Girl” sister.

Our community also expands beyond the students. Our staff is hella dope too! Meet our core team.

Safia Bartholomew – Co founder + Communications Specialist
Noella Crawford – VP, People + Partnerships
Desiree Chernel – Executive Assistant + Project Co-Ordinator
Talia Leacock – Editorial Director
Alethea Robinson – Founder, See Girl Work + Business Consultant for New Girl on the Block
Camille Lauren – Designer + Artist

New Girl on the Block is not just a mentorship, it’s a sponsorship
There’s a huge difference. Mentorship is one’s ability to guide your steps and provide you with sound advice but a sponsor is someone who has personal connections, resources and advocates for you when you are not in the room. Like the time I connected Alicia, a mentee with a dream to run programs for youth, to the Jean Augustine Centre or the time I set up a coffee chat with the founder of Boss Mom Nation, Shah and my mentee Candace, a doula-in-training, to discuss how to effectively grow an Instagram following when marketing to hard-working mothers. We got the hook up!

We have scholarships available
Speaking of Candace, she was actually one of the first recipients to receive this love gift. When applying to her Doula program, New Girl on the Block honored a portion of her tuition fee. Read more about her story here. Even if you are not apart of the program, you are still eligible. Click here for details.

We have a 99.9% success rate
There’s no other way to show you than to lay the results out on the table. Click here to read some of our success stories. We cannot wait to add you to the crew. In addition to this bomb program, we also plan for future success by creating a customized succession plan. Upon departure or “graduation” I will look at our scope of work and create a 3-6 month step by step guide so that you totally feel confident when you spread your wings. We always say, once a New Girl – Always a New Girl which is why all alumni students are eligible to one free monthly check in fo’ life once they have successfully completed their term.

There you have it. My top ten.
I couldn’t be more proud of this amazing program we created.

Peace & Love,




New Girl on the Block is a mentorship program but way sicker than your average. We believe that no woman is an island – we excel when we seek the love, support & guidance of other strong women to help elevate us. Whether you are ready to publish your debut novel, own your own business, move across the globe or climb the ranks to your dream position, we are here to guide and support you every step of the way.