Ever looked at your Instagram feed and thought it looked overwhelming? Well, this is the post for you. A few months ago, I thought the same way and took it upon myself to change the aesthetics of my feed.

What are the benefits? 

Aside from the fact that you feel the ultimate satisfaction when you visit your feed, I’ve realized that Instagram themes are an easy way to give your brand its own visual identity. This is important because your followers are able to identify your work wherever they see it (Dude! You have no idea how helpful this is when someone steals your work). Additionally, your followers have an idea of what to expect from you every time, which not only gives them a sense of inclusiveness and excitement but also benefits you because you automatically cultivate a loyal following that comes back for more. Isn’t that amazing? Damn! I think it is.

You’ve probably heard the saying that the first nine photos on your feed play a huge role in the decision-making process of your potential new followers. Now, while I’m not sure how politically correct this shallow behaviour (as I like to call it) is for the majority of people, I’d be the first to say I’m guilty of it. Lmao, shoot me but if I go to a person’s page and it looks a hot mess, chances are I’d most likely leave the page without scrolling down sooooo we want to make sure we’re keeping it clean and cohesive, Okay!

Finally, believe it or not, but having a theme makes it so much easier to plan what to post next. With a structured plan for your feed, (and by structured, I mean everything from your niche to your content medium to your aesthetics) you already know the nature of your content which helps you come up with dope ideas on what to post next, what products to feature and exactly how to present it to your audience.

Curating Your Instagram Theme

So now you know why themes are super important, let’s get into how to actually come up with your new popping Instagram theme. You ready?

Once you have your niche and content medium all figured out, I say the next step is to find some inspiration. The best places to go for this are pinterest.com (Seriously, this platform is probably the best thing known to any content creator) and your favourite Instagram accounts that obviously adopt this technique. After consulting the content doctors, you can move on to figure out what you like in terms of colour, style and editing styles. Here are a few examples:

How I Edit My Instagram Photos

I personally love a minimalistic look. It’s airy, white, has a bit of nature here and there, you know, It’s cute! I tend to play with negative space a lot (which is basically a blank area around your subject). I find that this helps prevent the overall feed from looking “unnecessarily busy”. I ALWAYS edit with Facetune and VSCO. I use Facetune to clean up my pictures and VSCO to plan my feed and add my signature filter; A5. I use this for ALL my pictures. Here’s is a more detailed video on how I do this.

I hope these tips have helped you understand Instagram themes and remember to have fun while at it. Xoxo.