MEET: Chantaé Candize
CAREER: Founder and Content Director

I am Ingrid’s Daughter. My hero hails from the immaculately beautiful, rich and lively island of Jamaica. At the age of 24, my mother moved to Canada to pursue a new life and 4 years later, I was blessed with the opportunity to be introduced to the world as Ingrid’s daughter.

As her first, last and only born, my mom and I shared every moment of my upbringing together. A single mother with the best and most pure intentions for me, my mom shined nothing but bright as she did and continues to do everything and more for me. I participated in every activity possible such as dance, swimming, ukulele lessons, karate, gymnastics and Girl Guides. My mom aspired for me to be an educated, well versed, experienced, and open young black woman. A young, single mom, doing this all for me.
Always trying to provide beneficial opportunities and a better life for me, my mom always made a house a home wherever we were and was always determined for us to reside in the best neighbourhood and enrol me in the best schools as I was growing up . Two homes and a condo later, my mom purchased and owned all properties on her own..
My mom would surprise me with trips so I could explore beyond Toronto with her and break down the protected mentality of my surroundings. She forced me to challenge societal norms and know my grounds. She always taught me to know my worth, protect my heart and always give back–three concepts you can never do enough.

Through the challenging times of our lives when things were tight, my mom never let a sense of fear or hopelessness crack or dampen into my dreams. Every step, my mom encouraged me to do what I love in hopes to find my greater purpose for being on this earth. My mom always supports me with my education endeavours and thriving career, however, most of all, my mom is with me for every step as I evolve into my best self.
My mom is outstanding to say the least. To see a woman have so much love, compassion, strength, ambition and wit never fails to amaze me as I aspire to have such a desirable character as she does.

As I have grown to see my mom give it all for me, even now as I am a nearly 21 year old full time university student, leaves me at a loss of words. I know there are times when I can challenge my mom, but my undeniable and purest love for my her is endless and goes beyond words. I owe my mom the world and more.

Here’s a toast to the one and only queen in my life; My hero- My Mom. I love you.



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