Raising Queens


There once was a girl who could do almost anything in the world.

Her super power was her confidence and her signature was her excellence.

That girl is in all of us


Meet our Queens

Alma Ezonfade

Alma Ezonfade

Blogger + Influencer

Fun, fashion-forward and goal oriented, Alma is a blogger who required a brand edit and tips to transition her passion into profit. With big dreams of making her mark, she asked us to help her evolve from good to great.

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Kennisha Duffus

Kennisha Duffus

Event Planner

Started from the bottom, now she’s here. It all started with a simple idea. We are thrilled to have played such an integral role in the launch of Kennishia’s new business venture, Kyree’s Kreations.

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Alicia Hanson

Alicia Hanson

Event Planner

Alicia is a visionary who knew what the end goal looked like but needed assistance to get there. We created a strategy to refine her brand so she could stand out in a crowd. Now she is a top contender in her industry.

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Word on the Street

Pauleanna has become more then just a mentor to me!

I have been working with Pauleanna for several months now. During our first meeting, she instantly made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision to connect with her. Pauleanna has not only pushed me far beyond my limits, but she truly believes in me. Pauleanna has provided me with some of the best resources and tools that will without a doubt, ensure that I meet my personal and professional goals. I can honestly say that Pauleanna has become more than just a mentor to me, I now consider her a friend.

Chantal Brown, Vlogger

Safia has been a genius when it comes to helping me find my voice

Safia has been a genius when it comes to helping me find my voice for my entrepreneurial ventures. She has helped me in so many ways and has positioned me to see things that I wasn’t able to see before. She is very dependable and I have had a blast working with her! I am looking forward to my new venture with her and I know what is to come will be nothing but flawless.

Tamara Tatham, Olympian & Pro-Athlete

Pauleanna is a phenomenal source of guidance and inspiration

Pauleanna is an amazing person!!!! She is a phenomenal source of guidance and inspiration. Throughout my time working with her we have made significant changes in career and life goals, she really pushes for the best and always delivers. Thank you for being such a great support system and helping me achieve my dreams.

Cassandra Campbell, Make Up Artist

Safia is a genius when it comes to creative writing!

I met Safia when I got introduced to New Girl on the Block as I was transitioning from a pro athlete and Olympian and relaunching myself as a speaker and performance coach. Just from a few conversations and getting to know me, Safia did an awesome job in helping me create content for my whole launch. She is a genius when it comes to creative writing and I am thankful to have her in my corner. She is worth the investment and I am excited to continue our business relationship. She is on point and a true professional.

Alisha Tatham, Olympian & Speaker

Pauleanna's energy and professionalism is infectious

Pauleanna is a phenomenal person. In the short time that I have known her, she has taken me through the initial steps of entrepreneurship, provided invaluable insight on both my professional and personal life, and just overall been an amazing resource for me. Her energy and professionalism are infectious and I can honestly say that I am very honoured for her mentorship.

Liya Kassa, Founder Of Abeba

Safia has amazing talent and knowledge in creating engaging content

Working with Safia was a delight. She has amazing talent and knowledge in creating engaging content for your website or social media. Her ability to encompass the essence of your brand/business and present it in a verbally visual manner is amazing! She was a tremendous help in provide momentum and encouragement in propelling my business forward.

Shakira Rouse, Founder of Special Compass

Pauleanna’s work ethic is superb and she continues to amaze me with her creativity and giving spirit!

It has been a pleasure working with Pauleanna in a mentor-mentee capacity. She is the example of what a true professional encompasses. Pauleanna’s work ethic is superb and she continues to amaze me with her creativity and giving spirit! During our weekly accountability sessions, I can’t take notes fast enough as she provides creative ideas and resources. After several months I’m still excited to work with Pauleanna, and I’m thrilled she’s able to inspire me while doing what she loves.

Karen Doniere, Freelance Writer + Speaker

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