Andreja Alimehaj

Marketing and PR Professional

A rockstar business owner and a killer saleswoman, she was already booking clients long before she came our way. But with very little online presence and no website at all, we quickly recognized her growth and earning potential and got straight to work. Andreja enjoys developing communication strategies for personal brands who perform meaningful work. She has worked for companies such as the Red Cross, Red Cross, Founders Canada, Bell and Keyobi.

Fly Girl Since

January 2017


The Winning Team

  • Pauleanna Reid, Career Strategist
  • Safia Bartholomew, Creative Wordsmith + Publicist

The Results

  • Launched personal website + professional headshot
  • Identifying potential problems and devising ways to rectify them
  • Social media development: Analytics, design, content ideation
  • Customer Service: onboarding/offboarding processes
  • SMART goal setting and execution planning
  • Introductions/referrals to potential clients
  • Biography construction
  • Weekly Skype calls to develop forward-thinking solutions to meet brand objectives, develop a sense of self and learn to navigate life transition
  • Introduction to personal connections
  • Time management, productivity hacks + blogging tips


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