Shakira Rouse

Founder of Special Compass

Shakira Rouse is an educator, advocate and entrepreneur. As an adult with a learning disability, she believes in the power of “training your mind to excel”. Previously struggling with her learning disability, Shakira regularly experienced emotional frustration and stress but, at twenty-five, this ambitious young woman has a vision to help make a difference in the education of those with learning challenges; to help ensure that no student has to relive the frustrations that she faced.

Fly Girl Since

November 2014


The Winning Team

  • Pauleanna Reid, Career Strategist
  • Safia Bartholomew, Creative Wordsmith + Publicist
  • Ashlei Iris, Photographer
  • Toussaint H. E. Brown, Web Designer
  • Ken Thomas, Financial Advisor
  • Aaron Charles, Realtor + Founder of REAP
  • Nicole Marshall, Business Plan writer

The Challenge

Shakira joined New Girl On The Block with one goal in mind; to help students transition successfully into different educational milestones and to provide a safe and inspiring learning environment that motivates, encourages, and inspires students with learning challenges to find the joy in learning. Pursuing her passion with a heart of pure gold, Shakira knew she had to assemble a team to help exceed her business objectives.

The Objectives

  • Ongoing mentorship: career strategies, life planning, business etiquette skills
  • Financial management + Home Ownership
  • Business plan creation
  • Photo shoot + Creative Direction
  • Biography Construction + Website Branded Content
  • Platform Development: Website & Social Media
  • Build community partnerships
  • Product Development

The Results

  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Increased time management and decision-making skills
  • Solidified a business plan
  • Created a financial plan to decrease debt and increase income streams
  • Purchased first investment property in 2015
  • Successfully launched
  • Social Media development (ongoing)
  • Customer service training & Business etiquette skills (ongoing) 

The Bottom Line

Special Compass is an educational service centred for students with Learning Disabilities and special needs; it is a business tailored to specific audiences, which will provide highly interactive learning experiences.



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