Tenika Bennett

Digital Content Creator

Tenika reached out to New Girl on the Block when she was at her lowest point and Pauleanna helped her regain her confidence and self-worth. Using personal tragedies as a stepping stone to greater heights, Tenika had a desire to launch a youtube channel where she could express herself and teach lessons from heartache. With coaching from her mentor, she launched in August of 2018 with a platform called Unattached and Unbothered. Here’s how I helped her soar:

Fly Girl Since

April 2018

The Results

  • We successfully launched my YouTube channel in August 2018
  • I met other mentees and networked with smart, ambitious, inspirational women who supported and encouraged one-another
  • I was always challenged in this program and even after it ended, Pauleanna continued to provide resources and encourage me to be my best
  • I identified my purpose and I don’t think I would have been able to without it
  • I learned how to differentiate myself as a personal brand and a new company
  • We created SWOTs, customer profiles, and a journey maps to better understand her ideal client and viewer
  • I also learned how to come up with my own mantra for my life and non-negotiables to guide me so that I could make better decisions and the right decisions for me
  • Pauleanna also leveraged her connections to get me all the help that I needed to start my YouTube channel. She connected me to past NGOTB alum as well as friends and associates to help me with my branding and research
  • My mentor also connected me to a financial advisor who helped me get a better handle on my money management habits
  • Pauleanna also provided a plethora of useful resources to make sure I got started on the right foot with my brand, including social media calendar templates, hashtag sheets, speakers kits, branding materials, and public speaking tools, to name a few
  • Pauleanna constantly challenged me and motivated me to do better. She questioned me when I was procrastinating. She pushed me to think outside the box and expanded my horizons. She’s such a phenomenal woman and constantly shares her wins and lessons with the NGOTB community
  • I was able to find myself and with everything I’ve learned and gained from this program, I will never be lost again


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